About Us

Jardín™ was founded to be a welcoming space where little ones grow into healthy, happy, Spanish speaking kids with cultural competency and blooming confidence.  Our deeply rooted priorities ensure that your child receives only the best while in our care.  Take a look at what sets us apart:

Nuestra Visión
Equipar a los niños pequeños con el idioma español en un ambiente auténtico donde desarrollán el pensamiento crítico mientras adoptan una mentalidad global que les proporcionará herramientas para toda la vida.
Our Vision
Immerse young children in the Spanish Language in an authentic environment where they will develop critical thinking, embrace a global mindset, and be equipped with lifelong learning tools. 
Nuestra Misión
Brindar una Educación de alta calidad en un entorno diverso donde se desarrolle la creatividad, el aprendizaje y el crecimiento personal con el fin de empoderar a líderes exitosos.
Our Mission
Provide high-quality education in a diverse environment where creativity, learning, and personal growth are developed to empower successful leaders.
Child raising their hand

Jardín™'s Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum

Early academic achievement remains a top priority at Jardín™ as we prepare the youngest scholars for Kindergarten readiness and beyond! Our proprietary Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum is designed to promote the comprehension and use of Spanish from an early age. All children receive a complete developmental screening within 3 months of entering the program. ​ Our bilingual teachers foster an ideal learning environment for each age group we serve, taking care to address both academic and social-emotional skills that prepare lifelong learners.  Children are exposed to a variety of concepts including literacy, pre-writing, early math & science concepts, and are encouraged to develop creativity and character through play-based learning.  Enrichment activities including field trips, dance, music, art, and more reinforcing just how fun learning can be.  With beginning math and reading built into each day, we are proud to say that our graduates typically score in top levels of Kindergarten entrance tests!

Caring & Committed Teachers

Next to our wonderful enrolled families, we recognize that our teachers are our greatest asset!  Our teachers believe in our mission of early education in Spanish, cultural learning, and care for our environment!  We are proud that our employees truly enjoy children and have careers that reflect their passion.  Each day, your child receives the love and hugs they need to feel whole, welcome, and embraced at school, helping them to build trusting relationships.  

The majority of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, and all work as a team to help instill a love for their language and culture in the children they care for. Learn more about what we look for in our teachers and what we give back to them to show our appreciation for their daily efforts, the love they share, and the education they give. 

Organic meals and our love for mother earth

Our meals are prepared on-site in our commercial kitchens, this allows us to ensure that the food is freshly prepared, natural, and organic! Our range of well-balanced meals provides a varied diet and encourage children to look beyond chicken nuggets and corndogs – your children will enjoy quinoa, avocado, beets, and more!

Our everyday efforts in providing natural and green care for your children include providing cloth diapers for infants and toddlers while in our care, this practice is estimated to keep over 94.000 disposable diapers out of landfills each year! We also vote against pesticides by serving organic food.

Our curriculum is geared towards green thinking whether we are teaching through art and play about the importance of recycling and reusing, or through outdoor play and pre-school field trips where we give children hands-on experience in nature.

Many of us are parents ourselves and we recognize the importance of taking care of our beautiful planet, as someday it will belong to our children.   Our standing commitment to the health and well-being of our world can be seen in our organic food, curriculum, and care choices!

We encourage you to visit one of our locations to see first-hand our commitment to environment and well-being of your children.

Clean & Colorful Centers

The pride we take in our work with your children is reflected through our welcoming centers.  With the highest standards for cleanliness, you can rest assured knowing that our toys are disinfected daily and surfaces are cleaned throughout the day.  The walls are brightly painted and decorated with friendly designs.  Windows let in plenty of natural light and playful music lets you know that Jardín™ is a positive place for children and families. Come see our warm and welcoming centers.

Meet the Leaders at Jardín™

Xavier Lopez

CEO and Founder of Jardín Spanish Immersion Academy™

Education & Training

• Founder of Jardín (Co-Founder of Jardín Mágico)
• Lic. en Administración de Empresas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (Baccalaureate Degree in Business Administration)
• CPR and First Aid Certified
• Trained in SUID, AHT, Behavior Guidance Techniques and Risk Reduction Plans
• Rainbow Families Training
• Staff Trainer with Mis Niños, continuing education for Jardín teachers
• Membership with National Association of Child Care Professionals, MinneMinds,  mnAEYC, Association for Talent Development , Minnesota Community Education Association, and Local Businesses-Global Network BNI 


Xavier grew up in México City, learning his strong work ethic and dedication to family from his parents.  Xavier’s inspiration and persistence, as well as his drive to achieve the creation of something completely unique, make Jardín™ what it is today.  Xavier is a leader by example, spending time in the Centers to show our teachers what makes Jardín™ different, and ensuring that each child in our program receives the best we have to offer.  His work as an entrepreneur in his community has been recognized as an example of the type of positive leadership that our Twin Cities community needs.  

In 2001 his first child, Kylie was born.  As a working parent, Xavier could not find a daycare that aligned with the values he held for his family.  After seeking referrals and suggestions from friends, family, and neighbors, not one daycare in his community could provide what he believed to be necessities for his precious daughter.   Believing that his child, and many other children, deserved simply the best start possible, Xavier co-founded a unique child care center that prioritized early academic achievement, bilingual education, cultural competency and diversity, organic eating, environmental stewardship, and clean, safe, loving spaces filled with teachers who care.

Since then, Xavier’s family has grown to include his son Colten, and Jardín™ has grown to include Centers throughout the Twin Cities.  Xavier excels at executive and program level management, providing responsive customer service to our families, giving staff trainings, and fostering positive and fun work environment.  His vision includes going above and beyond to offer staff excellent employment benefits, access to career-advancing trainings, and opportunities for professional growth and longevity in a field they love!  His knowledge of DHS day care licensing regulations coupled with years of implementing best practices allows Xavier to plan strategically and lead critically to ensure that the Jardín™ Centers remain at the forefront of early learning.  

In his free time, Xavier enjoys spending time with his two children, being outdoors playing soccer (GO CHIVAS!!), going to movies, and Salsa dancing.

Hortensia Leon

Special Programs Coordinator

Education & Training

•Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Concordia University
● Child Development Associate degree (CDA) earned in 2013
● Trained I by the Minnesota Center for Professional Development
● Qualified Safety Instructor through the Red Cross
● University level credits in Nursing
● CPR and First Aid Certified
● Trained in SUID, AHT, and Behavior Guidance Techniques and Risk Reduction Plan
● Staff Trainer with Mis Niños, continuing education for Jardín teachers
● Community Leader- Active member of advocacy in MNAEYC and previous board
● Center for Inclusive Child Care liaison to the Latino Community
● MNCDA Instructor for the Latino Community


At Ms. Hortensia Leon’s core is a passionate and evident desire to help people – she is constantly seeking to support her team and enrolled families with new experiences and opportunities. With our program since 2011, she first joined us as an Aide Staff in one of our busy Toddler classrooms. Her passion for teaching was evident from the beginning, and earned her Child Development Associate’s degree (CDA) to work with Infants & Toddlers as a Lead Teacher in 2013 through our sister training company, Mis Niños. Through her studies and strong work performance, Hortensia was also recognized for her leadership qualities and received a promotion to Assistant Director, Center Director, and eventually Special Program Coordinator. Leaning on her previous nursing studies, she also then became a Qualified Safety Instructor through the Red Cross, and continues to provide CPR and 1st Aid trainings along with other subjects that support continuing education for teachers like the MNCDA. She takes pride in the cleanliness and care for health and the environment that Jardín takes, and believe that these are standards that all young children deserve!
Originally from San Diego, California, Hortensia has also spent time in Oaxaca, Mexico before coming to Minnesota. As a mother of a young daughter herself, she is honored to care for
children and understands firsthand the trust it takes to allow others to care for your child. She understands her profession as a way to empower other women to continue in their own career path, and prides herself on giving them the peace of mind that their children are not only being cared for, but educated and loved. Recognizing the many doors being bilingual has opened for herself, she is proud to share that gift with her enrolled children during their critical first five years old life, giving them a global perspective and an appreciation for differences.
In her free time, Hortensia likes to spend time with her family, walking around the lakes, and working on continuing her professional education.