Educación, amor y el idioma español

Leading multicultural Spanish immersion education for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

Our Mission

Provide high quality education in a diverse environment where creativity, learning and personal growth is developed to empower successful leaders.

Our Vision

Equip young children with the Spanish language in an authentic environment where they develop critical thinking while embracing a global mindset that will provide them with lifelong tools for their personal and academic future.

Our Program Philosophy

We consider that children learn best through positive relationships and experiences though caring and committed teachers’ hands-on involvement and meaningful learning experiences. Our philosophy is based on six core principles: 

  1. A Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum that equips all children with tools for their academic and personal furniture
  2. Organic meals to promote a healthy start and awareness of well-being. 
  3. Caring and committed teacher are key contributors to achieve quality education. 
  4. Dedication to environmentally friendly practices to foster love for nature. 
  5. Clean and colorful centers to promote a safe and welcoming environment. 
  6. Embracing diversity to enrich children’s experiences by helping them recognize differences and develop cooperative social skills. 
Infant Care Program

Infant Care Program

Our Spanish immersion curriculum begins at the age of 6 weeks. Our infant daycare provides a loving, trusting, and dependable environment to help your baby reach their greatest potential. Our infant curriculum is composed to fit your child’s unique needs and abilities, keeping in mind that at this young age it is important to focus on developing language skills, cognitive and motor development, and social and emotional growth in a nurturing and caring environment.

Toddler & Early Preschool Program

Toddler & Early Preschool Program

Our Toddler Spanish Immersion classes start when your child is 16-18 months. Our program encourages self-confidence, curiosity, and collaborative fun while being in a healthy and safe space. In addition, our Toddler & early Preschool activities and projects are focused on facilitating and granting the opportunity for toddlers to further develop their individual cognitive and motor skills. While practicing as a wholistic group their language and communication skills, cognitive and motor skills as well their social and emotional skills.

Preschool & Pre-K Education

Preschool & Pre-K Education

Preschoolers and Pre-K students ages 3-5 years old are ready to refine and strengthen their learning and social skills. In our Preschool and Pre-K classrooms, we build on their Spanish vocabulary, and continue to work on all areas of development while your child becomes fluent in both Spanish and English. Language, counting, mathematics, and the arts are all part of the Preschool curriculum that will prepare and equip children with the academic skills needed to become successful student as they begin their early academy paths.

Join the Jardín Team!

We pride ourselves on having a team where we all believe in our mission of early education in Spanish, cultural learning, and care for our environment! We have been opening new Jadin Spainsh Immersion Academy locations in Twin Cities area. As we grow we are looking for compassionate caregivers that support our mission to provide high-quality education in a diverse environment where creativity, learning, and personal growth are developed to empower successful leaders.