Toddler Learning Program

Children between 14-16 months are ready for our Toddler classrooms once they have met certain milestones and both parents and Center staff agree that the child is ready for the fun new challenges ahead. Our toddler program celebrates their uniqueness, guiding these newly independent children towards greater selfconfidence, and encouraging today’s developmental capabilities that will lead the way toward achieving tomorrow’s new skills. Our toddler curriculum is designed to help your child reach their maximum potential in all areas of development including:

• Language, Early Literacy and Communication
• Cognitive Development
• Motor Development, Health and Well Being
• Social and Emotional Development
• The Arts

Our language curriculum for toddlers provides a language and print-rich environment that encourages your toddler’s progress towards achievement of age-appropriate developmental milestones. As toddlers grow in their capabilities to express themselves, our teachers expand their vocabulary and engage them in rich conversations. Phonological awareness is seen in the ways that children engage with word games, songs and rhymes. We provide opportunities to interact with books and storyreading experiences every day which helps build initial concepts of print and early comprehension.

Cognitive development for toddlers includes early math and science. Toddlers begin to understand one-to-one correspondence and expand their spatial understanding. Our curriculum also focus on counting from 1 to 10, beginning awareness of shapes, matching, comparing, and sorting. Early science includes simple, miniexperiments, discussing how things work, the use of objects as tools and simple strategies to carry out ideas. Active exploration and sensory experiences are provided daily.

To promote motor development, health and well-being, our curriculum provides an environment that enables children to understand how their bodies work, what they need and how to protect and take care of ourselves. Teachers provide activities that help toddlers develop and strength en their large and small muscles and lay the foundation for a lifetime of healthy habits. The curriculum for the social and emotional development domain includes three components: Self and Emotional Awareness, Self-Management and Social Understanding and Relationships. Toddlers are ready to explore their world independently, but are also comforted by having the support of caring adults. As verbal skills develop, toddlers express their needs, wants, and emotions. Therefore, teachers model respect, cooperative behaviors and encourage children to reflect on themselves and their peers as well as follow routines, attempt new challenges, and to engage in parallel play with other children. A daily routine with built-in variety provides stability and comfort while encouraging toddlers to expand their horizons and develop new skills.

• Daily individualized check-in sheets communicate details about your child’s milk intake, diaper use, nap length, and daily activities.
• Positive and secure relationships are strengthened through the care of our full-time teaching staff, giving children the confidence to explore.
• Our teachers cater to the individual needs of children by using assessment information to have an accurate idea of the skill level of each child and can provide developmentally appropriate activities
• Children do not receive time-outs or any other disciplinary techniques.
• Parents are welcome at any time to visit their toddler and participate in classroom activities.

Through our art curriculum for toddlers, children are introduced to the visual arts, music, dance, creative movement, and drama. Teachers provide meaningful creative experiences to nurture children’s art appreciation and develop creativity and innovation. Children create their own masterpieces every day. Individual expression is also honored through a daily time to dance and move.