Infant Care Program

Warm and nurturing care and education is provided to infants ages six weeks through 14-16 months. Infants are rapidly adjusting to the new world around them, constantly taking in information to form a foundation for future growth and development. Our caring teachers provide a loving, dependable, and trusting environment to help each baby reaches their greatest potential in all areas including:

• Language, Literacy and Communication
• Cognitive Development
• Motor Development, Health and Well Being
• Social and Emotional Development

Our language, literacy and communication curriculum for infants encourages positive communication between teachers and children and provides a framework to introduce babies to the Spanish language and baby sign, as well as early literacy through picture books, songs, rhymes, word games and finger plays. Age-appropriate Spanish books are read throughout the day and Spanish songs and rhymes offer daily exposure to the Spanish language and culture.

The curriculum framework for cognitive development includes early math and science awareness. Early math curriculum for babies enhances their early mathematical experiences by providing materials and activities that
promote awareness of space (spatial relations), numerical understanding (quantity concepts like “more”), and classification (making selections from a group of items). Early Science includes simple problem-solving, and active exploration. Sensory experiences help babies to explore their world through their five senses.

For motor development, health and well-being, our curriculum ensures that an infant’s health and safety are a primary consideration and focus in our classrooms. A variety of play opportunities that stimulate large & small muscles growth are provided daily. Teachers guide infants in a developmentally appropriate environment that encourages an awareness of the body parts and enjoyment of physical activities. Infants are fed healthy meals and encouraged to participate in their own health care routine when diapered and assisted with hand washing. In nice weather, infants enjoy buggy rides which provide fresh air and help them develop a connection with and appreciation for the natural world.

Our curriculum related to the social and emotional development domain includes three components: Trust and Emotional Security, Sense of Self and Social Relationships. The curriculum framework is firmly based in our belief that a foundation of trust and attachment is essential to a good experience in school and throughout life. Babies establish strong relationships with their teachers, which helps their social skills grow and expand to include others in the world around them. The care needs and routines of babies are consistently met by our compassionate teachers, which foster a feel of security as infants begin to express their needs and wants and learn to comfort themselves.

  •  All of our teaching staff are full time which ensures positive and secure teacher-child relationships
  • Daily individualized parent-teacher information forms communicate feeding, diapering, activities, and other needs
  • Cloth diapers and natural wipes are provided while in our care
  • BPA-Free bottles provided along with hormone-free cow’s milk once your child is ready.
  • Organic and natural baby purees prepared fresh onsite are served along with organic rice and oatmeal cereals once your baby is ready for solids.
  • Parents are welcome at any time to visit the classroom, and participate in classroom activities.

Our themed lesson plans provide daily learning experiences and opportunities to explore early literacy, sensory activities, dance, music, materials, games that foster creativity in each child. Jardín’ s teachers build on the individual needs of each child by integrating quarterly assessment information with desired outcomes for children, allowing our educators to map the curriculum and plan for individual developmental success. We understand that children develop differently, have different personalities, possess different strengths and require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs. Our teachers also assure that each baby is receiving the care and education needed, the creative learning experiences they enjoy, and the intellectually challenging opportunities they deserve.