What sets us apart

About Us

Jardín was founded to be a welcoming space where little ones grow into healthy, happy, bilingual kids with cultural competency and blooming confidence.  Our deeply rooted priorities ensure that your child receives only the best while in our care.  Take a look at what sets us apart:

Jardín's Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum

Early academic achievement remains a top priority at Jardín as we prepare the youngest scholars for Kindergarten readiness and beyond! Our proprietary Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum is designed to promote the comprehension and use of Spanish from an early age. All children receive a complete developmental screening within 3 months of entering the program.​ Our bilingual teachers foster an ideal learning environment for each age group we serve, taking care to address both academic and social-emotional skills that prepare lifelong learners.  Children are exposed to a variety of concepts including literacy, pre-writing and early math & science concepts, and are encouraged to develop creativity and character through play-based learning.  Enrichment activities including field trips, dance, music, art, and more reinforce just how fun learning can be.  With beginning math and reading built into each day, we are proud to say that our graduates typically score in top levels of Kindergarten entrance tests! 

Caring & Committed Teachers

Our teachers believe in our mission of early education in Spanish, cultural learning, and care for our environment!  We are proud that our employees truly enjoy children and have careers that reflect their passion.  Each day, your child receives the love and hugs they need to feel whole, welcome, and embraced at school, helping them to build trusting relationships.  The majority of our teachers are native Spanish speakers, and all work as a team to help instill a love for their language and culture in the children they care for.

Organic Meals

Our on-site commercial kitchens freshly prepare natural & organic meals daily for your young ones!   Our range of well-balanced meals provides a varied diet and encourages children to look beyond chicken nuggets and corndogs - your children will enjoy quinoa, avocado, beets, and more!  The organic food choices we provide also speaks to our standing commitment to the health and well-being our world, and the little ones that make your world go ‘round!   

Clean & Colorful Centers

The pride we take in our work with your children is reflected through our welcoming centers.  With the highest standards for cleanliness, you can rest assured knowing that our toys are disinfected daily and surfaces are cleaned throughout the day.  The walls are brightly painted and decorated with friendly designs.  Windows let in plenty of natural light and playful music lets you know that Jardin is a positive place for children and families.

Love for Mother Earth

Many of us are parents ourselves and we recognize the importance of taking care of our beautiful planet, as someday it will belong to our children.   We provide cloth diapers for infants and toddlers while in our care to reduce waste, and teach through art and play about the importance of recycling and reusing.  By serving organic food we vote against pesticides and through outdoor play and pre-school field trips we give children hands-on experience in nature.