Our Vision

Jardín is committed to equipping young children with Spanish language and critical thinking skills, a global mindset, and teaching children to embrace healthy habits and a sense of caring for the environment.

Our Mission

Jardín Spanish Immersion Academy provides high quality early education in a Spanish language immersion environment where healthy habits and environmental care practices are promoted, and diversity is embraced.

Our Program Philosophy

We believe that children learn best through positive relationships with caring and committed teachers, active, hands-on involvement and meaningful learning experiences. Our philosophy is also based on six core principles; our Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum that prepares all children for school and life, providing organic meals to promote a healthy start and awareness of well-being, working with caring and committed teachers as key players to achieve a quality education, a dedication to environmentally friendly practices to foster love for nature, maintaining clean and colorful centers to promote a safe and welcoming environment, and embracing diversity to enrich children's experiences and help them recognize differences and develop cooperative social skills.

At Jardín Spanish Immersion Academy, we work together as a family to provide nurturing support and early academic skills to each child in our care.  Our proprietary Multicultural Spanish Immersion Curriculum is designed to support early bilingualism and an appreciation of other cultures. We provide the early academic building blocks that help children to grow into 21st Century leaders.  Through play-based enrichment activities and teacher-led exposure, children learn to respect diversity, value the environment, and develop healthy habits in our clean and welcoming spaces.  

We invite you to come by and check out our St. Paul Summit HillEden PrairieMinneapolis – Longfellow and Minneapolis — Powderhorn locations.